Thursday, February 21, 2013

Clif Family Wine

From the makers of the Clif Bar -- Clif Family Wine: THE CLIMBER!

Because the jump from nutrition+energy bars to wine is the next logical step.

But all joking aside, I get it.  Power up by day...mellow out by night.  Or whenever.  I heard drunk climbing can be fun (and also extremely dangerous, this is NOT an endorsement of such activity!)

No rocks around here, but a 'bon voyage/suck it you're a wage slave now' gift from the very best (or worst? If they insist on keeping your glass full?) of drinking buddies.

Cheers!  Ignore the random apple in the background.

Let me point out the truly wonderful design features of the wine-in-a-bag:
  1. The bag is made out of insulated material.  Keeps that wine nice and cold when you pull it from the fridge.  Especially for Chardonnay like this variety happens to be, that's a win.
  2. It's got handles.  AND COMES WITH A CARABINER...climbers know.  Clip it anywhere.  On your harness even (see note about drinking and climbing).
  3. FINALLY...the epic spout/stopper.  It's your own mini Igloo beverage jug.  Doesn't leak, push to pour, no drips.  
But wine in a bag?  Must be terrible. Best white wine I've had in a long, long time.  Seriously.  So good I won't even waste it by cooking with it.

And from now on, all wine should come in such a bag.  This stuff is gold.

Thanks pH!

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