Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cooking Chronicles of UCLA's Most Eligible Bachelor

A person whom I'll now affectionately refer to as the Professor has recently taken up the domestic and frugal challenge of making lunch to take to work at his research lab everyday.  And because he knows I am a sucker for bento boxes and that Japanese cuisine is one of my all-time favorites, he sends me a picture of his lunch every morning to torture and delight me:




Some notables:

  • First Row, Right: Deconstructed Salmon Skin Roll.  Crispy salmon skin on top of vinegared rice, with strips of carrot and cucumber.
  • Second Row, Right: Sushi
  • Third Row, Left: Soba with Shrimp, and a beautiful fan of vegetables.
  • Fifth Row, Left: Costco Spinach and Cheese Ravioli, the best stuff ever.
  • Fifth Row, Right: Homemade chicken katsu, with onigiri (this simple rice ball is one of my favorite comfort foods).

He knows how to plan a party too:

Sakura Blossom Sushi (sushi with salmon wrapped around it)

Green tea, to finish.

Ladies, single file line.  This is a man that's brainy as hell, knows how to cook, clearly has taste (do you see his tea set?).  If that alone doesn't sell, he's good looking and a sweet guy too.  But requirements go both ways: smart, classy and beautiful women need only apply!

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  1. sounds like you should just keep him all to yourself :P